Invest in the futur of Basque Country

Basque Valley is a Start-up Studio & Venture Capital based in Basque Country.
We support Founders, building a fair equity story, strong operationnel support 
& sharing our transnational Network.
We invest in startups involved in Basque Country (Spain & France) from pre seed to serie B.
We are focus on profitability rather than an uncontrolled growth.

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Tell us about your project

🦄 We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs building scalable business and have demonstrate some traction.


💸 We invest between 100K€ and 2M€ in pre Seed, Seed, serie A rounds. 


📍 In Euskal Herria (Basque Country)

Invest in Basque Valley

To invest in Basque Valley is to bet on the future of one territory : Euskadi (Basque Country).

You can participate in the development of your region by investing in the real economy close to home.
Basque Valley is part of a wider ecosystem that we’ve been building brick by brick for the past 4 years, in 3 areas : Talents, Capital & Lifestyle.

Talents :, the school for startup professions.

Capital : Basque Valley, the Startup Studio and Venture Capital.

Lifestyle : a Pottok Club clothing brand, our Startups eta Pintxoak events and a newsletter for learning Basque.

Basque Valley was the missing link, born of two complementary areas of expertise :

Private equity via Rudolphe Michau of Positive Capital. Growth & Go to market via myself LOL. x

We are convinced that this combination is our strength, and our investment thesis represents a real opportunity.

We invest in startups based in the Basque Country (north & south), a region that attracts talent, the threshold between France and Spain. We are convinced that this territory will see the birth of many market-leading companies in the years to come.

We’re involved from pre-seed to Series A, because there’s a total void in the investment offer at these stages. What’s more, the existing funds are very traditional in their operation and not suited to startups.

Our secret sauce lies in our ability to support them via concrete levers :

1. Build equity story fairness for entrepreneurs.

2. Operational support in the form of advisory services, with a focus on profitability rather than uncontrolled growth.

3. Crossing borders and sharing our European network.

The Start-up Studio

Search a market
& a problem.

We collaborate with big players to target some
problems or market opportunities.


We look for a CEO and we launch a new company with him.

MVP & 
Go to Market

Build a minimum viable product and sale as soon as possible. 


We iterate to get closer from the product market fit.

Raising funds

When the KPIs show us some traction we invest in the company to support its growth.

Scale the business

Once the business start running and we invest in the company, we process or automatize in order to scale.

Our portfolio

We are proud to support these start-ups !

Our team

camille mathis

Camille Mathis, Co-Founder

Camille is a businessman from San Sebastian and Biarritz, in the Basque Country. 

He is specialist in growth hacking, and build the start-up, the venture capital Basque Valley, and he is behind the brand clothes Pottok Club.

Also, Camille is an influencer on LinkedIn with more than 30 000 peoples who follows him.

rudolphe michau

Rudolphe Michau, Co-Founder

Rudolphe is a seasoned entrepreneur who has brought many projects to fruition.


He is CEO, and Managing Partner, of Positive Capital, an investment fund based in Paris.


Rudolphe is experienced in this field, and it’s only natural that we should partner with him.

iker azokonobieta

Iker Azkonobieta, Partner & CFO

Iker is specializes in finance. He also works on the start-up, like Camille, as CFO.


Like Camille, Iker comes straight from the Basque Country.


He’s great strength is that he speaks fluent Spanish. So he’s in charge of finding new leads in Hegoalde (Spanish Basque Country).

Our ecosystem


Start-ups school

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Basque Valley

Start-up Studio & VC

Start-up & Pintxoak

The best event of the Basque start-up ecosystem

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